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Tirol Camping - Wintercamping Tirol

E-Bikes at the Campsite in Prutz

An E-Bike or electric bike is a motor-assisted bike with which you can easily manage long distances and steep mountain roads off your own back supported by an ingenious technology.
This way you are always gently mobile and environmentally friendly on your way.
The Swiss company BikeTec developped the so-called Swiss-Flyer, an electric bike that sets new standards for the bicycle market.

 Swiss-Flyer - Technical Data

 CO2 - emission: 0 g/km

Drive: electric when pedalling

Speed: 25 km/h

Consumption: 1 kWh/100 km

Autonomy: 40 - 60 km (depends on terrain)

There are no age limits to"E-Biking". The extremely joint-protecting electric bike sets everybody in motion. Discover great sights, the most beautiful viewpoints and cultural highlights in our region Tiroler Oberand.
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Tirol Camping - Erlebnisbad
Tirol Camping - Wintercamping Tirol
    Bergwege Quality Seal 2013-2017
  8 awards for TVB Tiroler Oberland! 

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    Best Ski Resort 2012
  Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis won the award! 

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    TV-Team at the Camping
  Camping Tirol "NED1" you see a documentation!

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    VW T3 get-together in Prutz
  VW T3 Treff LLE-Kartei get-together from 22.-26.06.2011!

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    ADAC Award
  ADAC Campingführer 2011 15 stars 2011 at ADAC!

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    Neuer Campinghund
  Camping mit Hund "Wicki" is the name of the lovely dog. 
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    New terrace
  Campingplatz Tiroler Oberland Enjoy your leasure time.
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    Kayak area
  Campingplatz Tirol Do it!
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