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Camping mit Hund in Tirol Österreich Camping Hund gratis
Tirol Camping - Wintercamping Tirol

Camping with Dogs

Camping with dogs is only fun when your loyal companion has a good time as well. There are a lot of reasons to go on holiday with your dog in Prutz:
- free dog shower
- free dog bags
- swimming opportunity for your dog (location directly at the river)
- striking distance to walking routes for exercise
- good prices for dogs

- high flirting factor at the Campsite for dog and master
- hundefreundlichen Campingplatzbetreiber
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Camping mit Hund in Österreich Tirol

Our Camping Dog "Wicki"

"Hello, my name is Wicki and I am taking care of the campsite in Prutz. If you'd like to get to know me you'll probably find me under the desk of my master Markus."

Camping mit Hund Tirol
Tirol Camping - SummercardTirol Camping - Quellalpin
Tirol Camping - Wintercamping Tirol
  The new sanitary room at the campsite
  The new cable car to the Weißseejoch
  New from autumn 2019 the Falginjochbahn
  Wildbachtrail in Fendels
  Wildbachtrail Mountainbike Trail Fendels Downhill-Trail
in Fendels
  Quellalpin NEW in autumn 2016
  sauerbrunn The Sauerbrunn
spring near the
  Campground Campground NEW
  Bikepark SFL
  Bikepark SFL A highlight
for all
bike fans
  Alm-Shuttle Wednesdays from July-Sept - to the alps 
  skiabfahrt Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis with new route!
  Bergwege Siegel
  Bergwege Siegel 8 awards go to TVB Tiroler Oberland!
  Best Ski Resort
  Best Ski Resort Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis won the award!
  TV Team
  Camping Tirol "NED1" shoots a docu at the campsite!  
  VW T3
  VW T3 Treff LLE get-together from 22. - 26.06.11
  ADAC Campingführer 2011 15 ADAC stars in the camping guide
  Camping mit Hund "Wicki" is the name of the lovely dog!  
  Campingplatz Tiroler Oberland Enjoy your leisure time
and relax! 
  Campingplatz Tirol Get ready for action and adventures!  
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