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Tirol Camping - Wintercamping Tirol

Ötzidorf - Camping

The Oetzi Village is an open air archaeological park in Umhausen (Oetztal). A place where parents, and children can “live and work in the Neolithic Age”, which is the era that Ötzi lived. Parents and children who take part in the Open air park “Oetzidorf”, in Umhausen
With the world renowned archaeological find, “the man in ice”, from out of the 4th millennium B.C. has become an archaeological signpost for all of Oetztal, and his name is irrevocably associated with the valley and mountains that make up, Oetztal.
  • reachable within 5 min. from parking lot
  • handicapped accessible within Oetzidorf.
  • Info viewing room with the Oetzidorf film
  • Assorted  free guides during the day or an Audio guide
  • Weekly guides for Carpentry techniques from the era
  • Monthly village celebrations with great attractions
  • “Oetzi Shop” with special Oetzi Souvenirs
  • Café, Buffet “Oetzi’s Einkehr” with Specialties
  • Natural childrens playground
  • Stuiben Waterfall (Tyrol’s largest waterfall)

Tirol Camping - Wintercamping Tirol
  The new sanitary room at the campsite
  The new cable car to the Weißseejoch
  New from autumn 2019 the Falginjochbahn
  Wildbachtrail in Fendels
  Wildbachtrail Mountainbike Trail Fendels Downhill-Trail
in Fendels
  Quellalpin NEW in autumn 2016
  sauerbrunn The Sauerbrunn
spring near the
  Campground Campground NEW
  Bikepark SFL
  Bikepark SFL A highlight
for all
bike fans
  Alm-Shuttle Wednesdays from July-Sept - to the alps 
  skiabfahrt Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis with new route!
  Bergwege Siegel
  Bergwege Siegel 8 awards go to TVB Tiroler Oberland!
  Best Ski Resort
  Best Ski Resort Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis won the award!
  TV Team
  Camping Tirol "NED1" shoots a docu at the campsite!  
  VW T3
  VW T3 Treff LLE get-together from 22. - 26.06.11
  ADAC Campingführer 2011 15 ADAC stars in the camping guide
  Camping mit Hund "Wicki" is the name of the lovely dog!  
  Campingplatz Tiroler Oberland Enjoy your leisure time
and relax! 
  Campingplatz Tirol Get ready for action and adventures!  
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