Tirol Camping - Wintercamping Tirol
Camping Tirol
Tirol Camping - Wintercamping Tirol

Bicycle and Mountain Bike

An excerpt from the best Tours, for race bikes
Prominent Passes, thousands of meters/difference in elevation and unique scenery, the holiday region of Tyrol West, the city of Landeck, and the surrounding Holiday areas Zams, Fliess, Tobadill, Grins and Stanz, offer the most exemplary ingredients for an ambitious road bike adventure.
  • Inn Bike Route
    Inn Bike Trail/Innradweg  -    Bike the 42 km, along the Innradweg with  350 m difference in elevation
  • Piller Runde, over Kauns
    Make a lap over the Venet, with a side trip to Kauns, with 61 km. and 1,150m. difference in elevation
  • Mieminger Plateau
    A great tour with awesome views, 89 km & 1000m.difference of elevation.
  • Kaunertal Glacier
    A bike tour that will push you to the limit, 101 km. & 2100m.difference of elevation.
  • Drei-Passe Fahrt ( ride over 3 passes )
    Not recommended for the weak legged! 141 km, with 2,380m difference of altitude.
Mountain Bike
Mountain biking in Tyrol,
Tyrol is the richest when it comes to mountain bike tours. With the Mountains at your fingertips you will find it all in Tyrol West. With a variety of Tour possibilities, for the scenery freaks, or the extreme bikers that are looking for that adrenaline kick.
Tirol Camping - Summercard
Tirol Camping - Wintercamping Tirol
  NEW in autumn 2016
  The Sauerbrunn
spring near the
  Campground NEW
  A highlight
for all
bike fans
  Wednesdays from July-Sept - to the alps 
  Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis with new route!
  8 awards go to TVB Tiroler Oberland!
  Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis won the award!
  Camping Tirol "NED1" shoots a docu at the campsite!  
  VW T3 Treff LLE get-together from 22. - 26.06.11
  ADAC Campingführer 2011 15 ADAC stars in the camping guide
  Camping mit Hund "Wicki" is the name of the lovely dog!  
  Campingplatz Tiroler Oberland Enjoy your leisure time
and relax! 
  Campingplatz Tirol Get ready for action and adventures!  
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