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Mountain bike Tour-Asterhöfe

Downhill biking is becoming increasingly popular among the locals and the guests. Beside the bike trails among the valley we constantly try to support the development of varied mountain bike trails, which can be easily reached by cablecars. The new Wildbachtrail from Fendels to Ried is only a temporary highlight of this initiative. The singletrail leads over a 3.5 kilometer long trail, which promises action and relaxing at the same time.
Mountain bike Tour-Asterhöfe
The tour starts in Prutz, riding on a asphalt road climbing steeply upwards to Aster. On gravel you begin to comfortably climb to your exit in Ladis. From Ladis you are on a meadow trail ascending until you are in Fiss. Making a tour through Fiss, and we end up on the main road and begin the descent to the valley basin, in Gstals you begin riding orographically on the left side of the Inn River. Along the banks of the Inn we will arrive at our destination, Prutz.
(18,95 km. with a elevation difference of 696m. Estimated riding time:2hours)
Mountain bike Tour-Neuegg
Travelling along the steep “Karrenweg” with short changes to the main street, we travel in the direction of Ladis. Going past the “Laderweiher” and arriving once again on a “Karrenweg” a pathway leading to “Oberen(upper)Asterhof”, where an extremely arduous climb awaits. From Neuegg there will be a short decline, and sooner after you will join the path “Herrenweg”. A path that will turn to gravel after passing Seale Bödele, after the gravel path you will travel another difference in altitude of 150m.upwards, before the next downhill. The descent to Falterjöchl follows the exit to Ladis, and further until you reach Prutz.
(17,29km. with an elevation difference of 730m. Estimated riding time:2,3 hours)

Mountain bike Tour-Wiesele
We start the tour after 700m. Than we begin the abrupt climb on the “Fendler Strasse”. Soon we drive onto gravel which maintains the steep incline through the “Leitenwald” to Burgschrofen, and further on to Wiesele from there we pass some Cathedral ruins. Approximately after an hour, we reach a former hermits dwelling place, where we begin our descent on a gravel path to the ”Sägemühle” (Sawmill) From here we cross the Kaunertal state road, where we pass the picturesque “Schloss Berneck”-Berneck Castle, and further on toward Kauns. In completion of our tour we gain speed from Kauns , Faggen and than to Prutz.
( 22km. with a difference of altitude of 983m.Estimated riding time:2,45 hours )
Mountain bike Tour- Aifner Alm
The way from Prutz in the direction of Faggen  is just a warm up, when from “Gufen”, you begin your ascent to “Puschlin”. From Puschlin we stay on an asphalt road, after 2 km, we move onto a gravel path that will lead us through exquisite landscapes, up to “Aifner Alm”. From there we will travel onto the same path, we will pass “SchnadigerWeiher”and make our way to Falpaus, Gaiswies, and Goldegg onward to Kauns. From Kauns we will move on to an asphalt covered road from Kauns towards Prutz.
(27,13 km. with a difference of altitude of 1, 160m.Estimated riding time:3,3 hours)
TVB Tiroler Oberland / Daniel Zangerl, Rudi Wyhlidal, Rudi Wyhlidal
Tirol Camping - Wintercamping Tirol
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  Wildbachtrail in Fendels
  Wildbachtrail Mountainbike Trail Fendels Downhill-Trail
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